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Urgent/Emergency treatment only

Update 19th August 2021:

To our Patients and Referrers,

At level 3/4 we can only provide urgent/emergency treatment in certain situations. As a result all appointments are cancelled until further notice.

The Ministry of Health, Dental Council and Dental Association require that we follow strict protocols, avoiding any treatment that is not urgent or emergency in nature, particularly avoiding aerosol generation as much as possible.


If you have a particular issue or concern, please call 03 3560597 and listen to the full message for further details. We will determine if and how best to approach any issues with a phone triage system. We expect that the centralised triage system phone number for Canterbury will be back in action next week (23rd August) if Alert Level 3/4 continues: 0800 846 983

I, and all the team at CPD, look forward to seeing you very soon. If you have any questions, please do email or call. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

He waka eke noa​. Kia kaha!

We are all in this canoe together. Stay strong!


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